Award Season, the few months between November and February could be one of the most glamorous times of the year. When all the star studded celebrities and backstage aficionados come out to strike gold. Many famous award ceremonies like the Oscars, the BAFTA’s, even The Razzies all take place in these four months! All of these film ceremonies are here to celebrate one thing, film.

Now if I’m being honest, I’m not really an avid watcher of Award shows. Firstly, the Oscars is way past my bed time due to the UK and US time difference and I always just find it gets a bit dull in most parts. However, I always do like to hear who has won best actor or actress, or who won best director. After watching highlights of these ceremonies however, I have noticed a common trend in some of these award shows.

Due to a certain someone getting into the Oval Office and becoming one of the most powerful people in the world, many award ceremonies were politically charged in light of recent events. I’m sure you can remember Meryl Streep criticising the newly elected President Donald Trump, or Ashton Kutcher criticising the new president as well at the SAG Awards. Thinking about it nearly every single well known acceptance speech was to do with Donald Trump at the SAG awards.

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

Not all acceptance speeches are about Trump. Take a look in 2016 when Leonardo Di Caprio won the award for Best Actor for the film ‘The Revenant’ (he should’ve won that award for Wolf of Wall Street), his speech became about climate change and protecting the planet. Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone should speak their minds and have a healthy discussion about topical events. Freedom of speech should apply to everyone.

Leonardo Di Caprio winning the Oscar for Best Actor for ‘The Revenant.’

However, during a film award show, which is about films, celebrating films, giving awards for people starring or working in films, because they’ve made or contributed towards a good film, should we really make it a platform to make political statement. Don’t we get that enough. Don’t we hear bad news all the time on TV or social media. Aren’t award shows meant to act as a bit of an escapism, so that people can watch and enjoy it.

Think of it this way, if you paid a large a large amount of money to go and see a famous band in concert, there was a great vibe and then suddenly the band started making a political speech, would that not annoy you a little bit. Would it not ruin the vibe and your enjoyment.

Thats how I feel to some Film Award shows recently, I feel that when you take the award, you should talk about the film and thank the cast and crew. If your films narrative is political then by all means the winners should talk about the political subject which their film may revolve around. However, if your film has nothing to do with politics, then maybe you should stick to the actual film, instead of having a rant about Donald Trump.

In conclusion, whilst it is good to discuss and debate, maybe award ceremonies aren’t the best place to do that. Maybe film awards should stick to what is really meant for, celebrating films.



  1. I agree with this so much!!! Of course everyone is entitled to freedom of speech- but the fact of the matter is no one is really interested in hearing what actors have to say on politics when they’re just trying to watch an award show- like you said, there’s plenty of other times when politics invades our lives, surely this is one place we can go to have a break from it? Like you said, it’s great to discuss and debate (although I don’t personally go looking for celeb opinions when I’m trying to establish my political views šŸ˜‰ ), but there’s a time and place and they aren’t endearing anyone to their cause by bombarding people with their message when it’s totally inappropriate.

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    1. I completely agree, we already receive bad news enough throughout the the day from the news. These kind of shows are meant to entertain us and act as an escapism, not constantly go on about all what is happening in the news.

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  2. I agree. Any of these stars ( actors, directors, producers etc) could easily find an outlet or a platform for their political views. It would be nice to just , as you say, address the film, thank those who should be thanked and get off the stage.

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  3. I’m torn about this issue. I understand what you’re saying. If we’re here to celebrate great films, then let’s do that. It’s kinda spontaneous to arrive and have a political convo. But at the same time, I feel that if you have a platform, then you should raise your voice about the issues that matter to you. Great read!

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